Highway 17/64 Association Accomplishments: 2017

Historical Support for Highway 17/64 Association

Since its inception, 14 of the 15 corridor counties in the US 17 corridor and Future Interstate 87 corridor have supported the Association financially, as well as 17 municipalities and seven regional or county economic development partnerships.

Major Project Funding Committed since 2006 (Previously “Unfunded”)

R-2511                        Washington to Williamston    $72.1 million

R-2510                        Washington Bypass                $30 million

R-2301                        New Bern Bypass                   $39.9 million

U-4007                        Jacksonville Bypass                $39.1 million

R-3601                        Wilmington (17 Business)      $12.5 million

R-2633                        Wilmington Bypass                $70 million

R-2514                        Jones County                          $162.6 million

R-3403                        North of Bridgeton                  $36.2 million

R-2513                        Vanceboro to Chocowinity      $14.7 million

Total                                                                            $477.1 million


Highway 17 Construction Progress

U-2107 D                    Jacksonville Bypass                Opened December 2006

R-2514 A                    Jacksonville to Belgrade          Opened November 2007

R-2404                        Windsor Bypass                     Opened July 2008

R-2510 B                    Washington Bypass                Opened March 2010

R-2510 A                    Washington Bypass                Opened September 2011

R-2301 A                    New Bern Bypass                   Opened September 2011

R-3403 A                    Bridgeton (17 Business)         Opened July 2012

U-4007 A                    Jacksonville Bypass                Opened December 2013

R-2510 C                    Washington Bypass                Opened December 2013

U-4007 B                    Jacksonville Bypass                Opened April 2014

R-2633 A                    Wilmington Bypass                Opened October 2014

R-2633 B                    Wilmington Bypass                Under construction

R-2514 B/C/D             Jones County                          Under construction


Highway 17 STIP Deliverable Project Status

U-5862            Shallotte Interchange               Planning / Environmental studies underway

U-4902            Market St. Access Mgmt.        Design for Medians / Superstreet underway

U-5732            Hampstead Access Mgmt.       Design for Medians / Superstreet underway

R-3300            Hampstead Bypass                  Federal EIS approved July 2014

State Record of Decision September 2014

U-5735            New River Interchange            Planning / Environmental studies underway

U-4007 E        Jacksonville Bypass                ROW programmed for 2018

R-2513 A        NC 43 to Vanceboro Bypass   ROW programmed for 2019

R-3403 B        Bridgeton to NC 43                 Finding of No Significant Impact 2005

B-5302            Norfolk Southern RR Bridge  ROW, Utilities programmed for 2017

R-2511            Washington to Williamston    ROW, Utilities programmed for 2020

B-5604            Brights Mill Creek Bridge       ROW programmed for 2018

R-4467            Replace Hertford Bridge         Finding of No Significant Impact 2016


Highway 17 Association Stakeholder Relationships

  • Works regularly with Secretary of Transportation and NCDOT Senior Staff.
  • Works regularly with Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and at-large Board of Transportation members in the corridor.
  • Chairs NC Go!, the statewide transportation advocacy group.
  • Partnered with NCDOT and Atkins Global on a comprehensive economic impact study for US 17 corridor and eastern North Carolina.
  • Participates periodically in meetings of MPOs and RPOs in eastern NC.
  • Works regularly with the Highway 17 corridor delegation of the North Carolina General Assembly.
  • Holds periodic meetings in Washington, DC with NC Congressional delegation and North Carolina federal liaison office.
  • Maintains 650+ distribution list of local government and commercial leaders in the corridor and corresponds regularly on issues of interest.
  • Partnered with East Carolina University on a preliminary economic impact study.
  • Partners with stakeholders along the US 64 and US 17 corridor to promote and facilitate I-87, the Raleigh to Hampton Roads, VA Interstate highway.


Highway 17 Association Legislative Issues


  • Worked with the NC Congressional delegation to pass the FAST Act and continues to seek long-term, sustainable federal funding for transportation.
  • Specifically worked with the delegation to secure language in the FAST Act designating the proposed Raleigh to Norfolk corridor (US 64 / US 17) as a “high priority” corridor.
  • Works to hold North Carolina harmless in Federal Highway Trust Funds distribution.


  • Works with NCDOT to secure additional funding for Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 through the Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) process.
  • Works with NCDOT to restore all US 17 projects to the STIP, even if programmed for out-years.
  • Participates in Project Prioritization processes at state and regional levels with NCDOT and our MPO and RPO partners.
  • Works to preserve current transportation revenue streams until alternatives can be agreed upon.
  • Advocates for sustainable, long-term state revenues for transportation.
  • Seeks ways to streamline planning and permitting processes.
  • Supports investments in eastern North Carolina transportation infrastructure, including: primary and secondary roads; freight rail; ports expansion; ferry system improvements; and shallow draft inlet management.
  • Supports related economic growth in eastern North Carolina, including: agri-business; tourism; military installation investment; and military-based business development.