The Highway 17/64 Association


It is the mission of the Highway 17/64 Association to support and advance transportation projects and programs along the US 17 corridor from South Carolina to Virginia and along the US 64 corridor from Raleigh to Manteo. As part of that effort, the Highway 17/64 Association will advocate for the timely funding and construction of the Raleigh to Norfolk interstate highway that will track US 64 from Raleigh to Williamston and US 17 from Williamston to Hampton Roads.


January 26, 2022

April 27, 2022

June 29, 2022

September 28, 2022

January 25, 2023

The Highway 17/64 Association will accomplish its mission by:

  • Partnering with federal, state, regional and local stakeholders who share an interest in the timely completion of a controlled access, four-lane US 17 from South Carolina to Virginia and a controlled access four-lane US 64 from Raleigh to Manteo.
  • Partnering with federal, state, regional and local stakeholders who share an interest in the timely completion of an interstate highway between Raleigh and Norfolk.
  • Engaging with NCDOT, MPOs and RPOs across eastern North Carolina, to understand the connectivity and value of all modes of transportation important to the region, including: highways, rail, ports, ferries and inlets.
  • Understanding how state transportation policy and funding in North Carolina impact eastern North Carolina and advocating for positive change for the benefit of the region.
  • Being truly regional in vision and scope and not advancing one local project at the expense of another.
  • Helping NCDOT solve problems in planning, design, permitting, utilities, right-of-way acquisition and construction, in order to advance projects.
  • Anticipating and resolving local issues and concerns, and facilitating solutions where local conflicts exist.

Board of Directors

Brian Alligood, Treasurer

Steve Biggs, President

Jay Bender

Sabrina Bengel

Joyce Whichard-Brown, Vice President

Dempsey Bond

Tim Burgess

James P. Duncan

Eric Evans

Lloyd Griffin

Catherine Grimm

Tyler Harris

Frank Heath

Franky Howard

Martyn B. Johnson

John Kirkland

Anne-Marie Knighton

Zee Lamb

Troy R. Lewis

Bob Mattocks

Dan Murphy

Eric Pearson

William Pitt

Jonathan Russell

Rochelle D. Small-Toney

Joe Thomas

Ken Vafier

Steve Wangerin

Frankie Waters


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Email: Executive Director | Administrative Assistant
Phone: 252.514.2748
PO Box 1673
New Bern, NC 28563